Youth Activist/ Amateur Journalist


Janna Jihad was born in 2006, and although born in america, she grew up in the West Bank village of Nabi Saleh. She started reporting on the Israeli–Palestinian conflict from the age of seven, after two of her family members were killed. 

Janna felt inspired to document the conflict in a way that media outlets and news corporations had not yet been able to. Her focus is on the obstacles she and other children living in the Palestinian Territories go through. She uses social media as a platform to inform and expose the violence. Eventually she began covering events and marches in Jerusalem and Jordan. When she was 9, she was featured in the documentary “Radiance of Resistance”. And at only 11 years old, she went to South Africa to spread awareness about the violence in Palestinian territories as part of the Pals4Peace tour with the Shamsaan Children of Palestine, and was awarded an International Benevolence Award in Istanbul, Turkey.

She has been referred to as “the world’s youngest journalist”. Janna is the voice of the voiceless children from Palestine, and to make sure she’s being head, she reports in Arabic and in English.