Former Boxer


Jorge Pina is a true fighter. He started boxing when he was 11, showing such skill that he ended up representing Sporting Clube de Portugal in 1995, where he stayed until 2002. He was a champion in 1997 e 1998. But in 2004, while training to the world championship he was injured. This was a turning point for Jorge, he lost 90% of his eyesight. Though he was forced to quit boxing, his reaction was “Can I run?”, and soon he started training athletics. He started as a boxer, and when he couldn’t do it anymore he didn’t gave up, and in 2006 he started running. In 2008 he reached the paralympic games in Beijing, the London ones in 2012 and at the age of 40, in 2016 he was in the paralympic games of Rio de Janeiro.

These accomplishments are an incredible result of highly motivativated and resiliente spirit with great willingness and discipline. Jorge Pina is also a PNED  ambassador as a storyteller. He’s a boxing teacher and in 2011 he founded the Jorge Pina association, with actions mainly directed to children and teenagers with special needs. His interior strength and resilience are unbeatable. He’s an inspiration, a role model, that’s why he shares his story with anyone who needs a little push to overcoming.