South Africa

Renuka Methil is the managing editor of both Forbes Africa and Forbes Woman Africa. She has been journalist for 22 years. She grew up in Dubai, studying later in Kerala, travelling and working in different countries for 18 years until landing in South Africa, where she’s now.

She completed her Master’s degree in journalism and mass communication from the Department of Mass Communication, University of Calicut. And even when established as a journalist she decided to study in the London School of Economics and Politics. She worked with the New Indian Express in Chennai as a Senior Sub Editor. In India Today in New Delhi, India's No.1 weekly newsmagazine, she was Principal Correspondent, as the Deputy Editor of Motivate Publishing for almost 5 years.

Passionate about stories, she believes they can be an instrument of peace, to heal and change the world.  Now, she advocates the idea that there’s no physical barriers anymore, so everyone has access to information, therefore have the responsibility to be informed and join the collective, to be the change in the community as a trampoline to changing the world. That’s why when given the choice, she decided to go back to Kerala and pursue her studies in her country, to really understand the community and build a solid foundation to follow her dreams.

Renuka Methil is an advocate for diversity, she learned how to navigate in a man’s world and became the the managing editor of Africa's most influential business magazine, proving that knowledge and skill should be prioritized above gender. She didn’t stay in her comfort zone and always urged for more, with a strong career in communication and journalism, she had the opportunity to meet and interact with African presidents, global icons, and titans of the industry.