Executive Chairman/ Santander Group


At the age of 59, Ana Botín is leading one of the biggest banks in the world. A self-entitled feminist, worried about the environment, she innovated and transformed the strategy for the Santander Group, and now, in 2020 Africa in on the horizon.

For 8 years she worked in the JP Morgan Bank in the USA. In 2002, she became the Executive Chairman of the Spanish bank, Banesto. Then, in 2010, she became Chief Executive of Santander UK. In 2013, she was appointed as Director of the Coca-Cola Company. And in 2014, became the fourth generation of the Botín family to hold the role of Executive Chairman of the Santander Group. But apart from a brilliant career, Ana Botín is also a conscious woman, supporting entrepreneurs, backing small enterprise and women-owned businesses. As well as believing in young minds for a generation of management focused on more than just making money by supporting university entrepreneurship.

In 2013, BBC 4 radio considered her the 3rd most powerful woman in the UK. In 2005 she was considered by Forbes Magazine, the 99th most powerful woman in the world. In 2009 she occupied the 45th position. And in 2016 Ana Botín reached the 10th place of that same list. As an example of female leadership, Ana Botín uses her influent position to advocate gender equality in companies. With a success driven, hard working and innovative spirit, since 2019 Ana Botín is now the 8th most powerful woman in the world.