Physicist and Ecoactivist


Globally well-known intellectual and activist, Vandana Shiva has shown a lifetime interest in fighting genetic engineering and the negative impact of globalisation. She advocates for the crucial importance of preserving and celebrating biodiversity.

Vandana Shiva, was born at the bottom of the Himalayas. She’s one of the most eloquent speakers in the fight for people's rights and environmental issues. With a Master’s degree in physics and a PhD in Philosophy of Science, in 1982 she founded an independent institute, the Research Foundation for Science, Technology and Ecology which is dedicated to high quality and independent research to address the most significant ecological and social issues of our times. In 1991, she also created the Navdanya, a national movement for biodiversity conservation and farmers' rights in India.

Dr. Shiva has contributed with fundamental ways to changing the practice and paradigms of agriculture and food through her books, ‘The Violence of Green Revolution’ and ‘Monocultures of the Mind’. And also by being a Founding Board Member of many important organizations such as the International Forum on Globalisation and Diverse Women for Diversity. She has been pushing organizations for the Green Movement in Africa, Asia, Latin America, Ireland, Switzerland and Austria with campaigns against agricultural development through genetic engineering.

With her conservation and protection projects, publishing of books and the relentless support of networks all across India and the world, Time Magazine identified her as an environmental hero in 2003. As for awards, she received the prestigious Right Livelihood Award in 1993 and the 2010 Sydney Peace Prize.